Dovydas Alčauskis, Eglė Petrošiūtė

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28 04 2021 – 15 05 2021

The idea of the exhibition is based on the synthesis of colour and body concepts, and the visual deconstruction of colour as a property of an object. Colour expresses both the embodiment of an idea and the organisational structure of an artwork.
Colour cannot be expressed without a shape. Colour is defined by an object and its relation to other objects, space or motion. By extracting the crucial moments from the totality of things, the eye gives structure to the visual experience. This is how the rhythm is created. By focusing on an object, the eye extracts it from the general background of experience and emerges us into the content of colour.
The relation between colour and body unfolds as internal-colour-perception. It becomes a footprint of the object-shape in one’s consciousness. As a result, the colour acquires a clear re-constructed definition of substance. This idea-object not only defines itself but also embodies already a different colour-body. The concept of the exhibition defines the method of approaching the colour and the challenges of its visual existence.
The naming of experience has become awkward as if colour and shape come first. Sometimes, intuitively, the body just knows better.
The exhibition is made possible with the support of Lithuanian Culture Ministry, Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists’ Association.