Pamėnkalnio Gallery

Pamėnkalnio gallery is one of the oldest artist-run galleries in Lithuania, open since 1960.

Located on a busy crossroad in the heart of Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio gallery is the meeting point of ideas and projects, artists and art lovers.


Pamėnkalnio Gallery is one of the first non-state galleries in Lithuania, founded by the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and operating in Vilnius since 1960. Located at a busy crossroads in the centre of the capital city, Pamėnkalnio Gallery is an open space where ideas and concepts, creators and art lovers meet.

The Gallery aims to be active in the field of modern and contemporary art, to represent the interests of professional artists, curators and the audience, and to stimulate artistic creation and its dissemination in Lithuania and abroad. The Gallery cooperates with established artists and young, promising artists and art historians; it carries out joint projects with other cultural institutions in Lithuania and Europe.

Pamėnkalnio gallery is also involved in art fairs, auctions, book publishing, and art sales.

In order to be more open to the public, admission to all the Gallery’s events is always free.