Mr. Justchecking and Mr. Dr. Hermandrowning

21 05 2021 – 12 06 2021

People rushing down the street will be pleasantly surprised to notice that the new name is marked with shot holes in the gallery sign. Its representatives introduce themselves as Mr. Justchecking and Mr. Dr. Hermandrowning. They state: “This exhibition is the embodiment of an open and indivisible relationship between power and fragility in a work of art.”

New content and an installation created especially for this exhibition are waiting for the spectators. The artists working in the agency are creators of multidisciplinary art. The themes they develop are close to the detective genre, and their creative history is marked by elements of crime fiction, subtle humor and adult contemporary music.

During the spectacle, a psychological portrait of a big city man, a picture of drama and adrenaline are revealed: “An unexpected convulsion is frozen in the diaphragm. The lens is pierced by the gaze. The biceps of suspects are crushed in shop windows. ”

The circumstances of the exhibition action changed rapidly and fateful plots developed. The agency was forced to respond to inconvenient events. This is not just an exhibition. This is an office where a mise-en-scène takes place. The gallery turns into a kind of repository of evidence. Different fields of art come together, rich dramaturgy and phenomenon are revealed – space becomes a personified hostage of the situation.

The person in the spotlight was passionately interested in sports competitions: at that moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on a small ball. The speed imprisoned in it waited for its mark.

Exhibition partners: LDS, GSP, EBR
Graphic design: Evaldas Bubinas

Cleaning service agency:
“We don’t ask who you serve,
because you hired us.”

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Her man drowning
Fire eating