Julija Skudutytė



16 06 2022 06 16 – 08 07 2022

The exhibition “Behind the Scenes” invites you to dive into the relationship between a person and their belongings, into what is hidden behind the doors of every home. Julija Skudutytė started researching this topic back in 2017, living with a woman-hoarder who collects various items – plastic bags, jars or issues of the magazine Tarybinė Moteris (The Soviet Woman). While visiting her friends’ grandmothers, Julija began to notice a different variety of hoarded things and their most unexpected compositions. According to Skudutytė, all the collected objects – garbage that currently surrounds us – consist of the present moment and a personal journey to it through our choices and surprises. The author’s work, like the collection of garbage, is also consistent. The exhibition reveals not only the behind the scenes of the daily life, but also what lies in the artist’s personal experience, revealing how and under what circumstances her works were created. Spaces are multiplying, introducing behind the scenes that are behind the scenes.
All paintings are created in watercolor technique. It gives illustrative and aesthetical values to the compositions of the mundane, which are full of irony and hints of popular culture and invite the viewer to see the charm in the unfettered daily life.
Scenography by: Dovilė Gecaitė
Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Photos by Federico Proietta. Find more here