Medeinė Revuckaitė, Aira Urbonavičiutė


01 07 2022 – 29 01 2022

The themes of hesitation, anxiety, home/close environment (as a metaphor or symbol), and the search for certainty predominate in the work of the two young artists. In her work, Aira URBONAVIČIUTĖ as if subconsciously hides unpleasant feelings of doubt by painting bright compositions and using motifs close to her. She is looking for the sense of “home” and is still wondering what is real. Meanwhile Medeinė REVUCKAITĖ questions personal reality and interprets hesitation which she finds in the Internet space.
The title of the exhibition, No Thoughts / Head Empty, is a reference to a meme, an online phrase that emerged in 2018 but became more popular during the 2020 pandemic. Against the background of the shocking events and the abundance of negative news in the beginning of 2020, when it became difficult to process so much information, the aspiring idea of “empty head” began to spread in the Internet acting as a coping mechanism. The authors of the exhibition interpret this phrase in a similar way – the expression ironically illustrates how a head full of thoughts, anxiety and indecision suddenly becomes empty. In everyday life, the constant hesitation, uncertainty and instability – both in personal life and in a global context – overwhelms and shuts down normal functioning. This contrast between overload and emptiness is developed in the content of the exhibition (bright / pale, full / empty, large / small).
Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

Photo by Vytas Nomadas. Find more here