Ieva Mekšrūnaitė


19 05 2022 – 11 06 2022

In her work, Ieva Mekšrūnaitė continues to be devoted to the combination of various textures, collage and stencil graphics while experimenting with paper that has a unique history.

In the new exhibition, the artist looks back at the books and the reproductions of the paintings. The author has always liked books as an object: “Although it is just a block of paper, thanks to the combination of text and illustrations, it becomes a work of art, a journey, a feeling. I like old books more than the new ones, but mostly I love old art albums.”

The albums of reproductions Ieva Mekšrūnaitė revives to a second life: “For that I had to recreate the relationship with the book as with an existing work. After all, in our culture, books are sacralized, almost immortalized. They must not be thrown away, nor must they be absorbed after death.”

Ieva uses art albums, combine them with a drawing and aim to make the works mimic a museum experience: “We don’t have to look at El Greco only in Spain and Da Vinci – in Italy. We can create an original relationship with the Gold Fund for Painting ourselves.”

The author is interested in topics that are advertised in life and also repeated in art: floristic motifs, religious art, portraits. “The Second Exhibition” is the second opportunity to experience the old again.

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

Photos by Rytis Šeškaitis. Find more here