Rosanda Sorakaitė


22 11 2017 – 12 12 2017

The young artist has been noticed in the field of painting at her early years of studying, and has spectacularly got into the ranks of the most appreciated young Lithuanian artists: has held seven solo exhibitions, participated in tens of curated exhibitions and arts fairs, earned various awards, one of them – Young Painter‘s Prize (2016).
R. Sorakaitė is interested in everyday aesthetics in her paintings, directing her sight to emphatically simple, typical objects from living environment. Minimalistic, fragmented way of portraying, haziness and dusk in R. Sorakaitė‘s paintings create a narrative of flash, allow to speak about laconism of the past and memory. The existence in the artist‘s works is revealed as if through insignificant and random moments, which have the ability to move the viewer to a metaphysical space, requiring experience of emotional intelligence.
According to the author, the works come from the observations of the closest environment, thinking about the past: „Sometimes a motive comes randomdly, sometimes I watch it for a while, but in both cases there is some kind of a short flash, that allows me to understand, that this moment is in allignment with an inner thought, maybe intangible still, just anticipated. The process of painting itself immerses you to a no longer existent time, and you are alone, just by yourself. Painting – it‘s like talking to someone really close to you, when you are frank and true.“
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Artists‘ Association, Elska Coffee.