Rūta Matulevičiūtė


10 01 2019 – 26 01 2019

Clear intentions bring clear results – when coming to observe the Vendor, please bring a specific question.
Wisdom Vendor is a project that merges the legacy of ancient cultures and traditions with contemporary world-views. An interactive installation, in which the Android system is used, works as a divination mechanism, based on The Chinese Book of Changes, and its first translation into English (by Richard Wilhelm) that reached the West. At the very centre of the gallery a black view-reflecting cube with automatic answer generating system is installed. This is a symbol of the holistic world-view. Being a divination machine, the installation refers to XXth century psychology‘s term of individuation process – the eternal journey to the Self. The installation embodies multilayered and miscellaneous significations. The goal is to reach the deepest aspects of existence and humanity.
Rūta Matulevičiūtė studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts (Painting Master‘s Programme). In her artistic practice, psychology, sacrality and human divinity are the basic subjects. R. Matulevičiūtė has been actively participating in various exhibitions; her solo show was held at TheROOM Gallery (Vilnius) in May, 2018; at the moment her “Paint LAB” project is open at the Ideas Block creative space (Vilnius).
The Android program is created by Francisco Roberto Becerra Bravo.
The show is supported by Lithuanian Culture Ministry, Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists’ Association.